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Northwest Texas Area 66


Statement of Purpose

The purpose of the Website Committee shall be to administer and maintain “The Website of the Northwest Texas Area 66 Assembly of Alcoholics Anonymous” (hereafter referred to as “NWTA66” and “the Website”, respectively) on the Internet World Wide Web.

The purpose of the Website shall be to assist Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.) in NWTA66 in carrying the message of A.A. and providing information about the A.A. Fellowship to the public. The website may also provide a secured password protected area to contain information exclusively for the use of NWTA66 assembly members.


I The Website shall present the following information in order for the still-suffering alcoholic to make direct, face-to-face contact with A.A.:

A ) A list of meetings of NWTA66 A.A. groups and meetings of A.A. groups affiliated with NWTA66 Districts.

B ) Announcements of A.A. events within or connected to NWTA66.

II The Website shall be a Public Information vehicle of the NWTA66 Area Assembly and shall present only publicly available information about A.A.

III Operating within the principles embodied in the Twelve Traditions of A.A., the Website shall specifically, but not exclusively:

A ) Link only to the General Service Office (G.S.O.) and A.A. Grapevine Websites.

B ) Use no individual’s full name, except in the secure password protected area. Password access will only be provided to NWTA66 assembly members.

C ) Present no affiliation, endorsement or display of any non-A.A. entity.

IV The Website shall contain the following:

A ) A home page displaying the name of the Website as well as clearly identified connections to the other sections of the Website.

B ) A schedule of meetings of NWTA66 A.A. groups and meeting of A.A. groups affiliated with NWTA66 Districts.

C ) A list of A.A. events within or connected to NWTA66.

D ) A map of NWTA66 showing the names and locations of NWTA66 Districts.

E ) Links to the G.S.O. and the A.A. Grapevine Websites.

F ) These Guidelines for the Website Committee.

G ) A counter indicating the number of accesses to the Website.

H ) A list of submitted, public NWTA66 Intergroup/Central Office phone numbers.

I ) A “Help Using Our Site” function for site navigation.

V The administration and maintenance of the Website shall be as follows:

A ) The Website Committee shall be responsible for finding the best price of goods and services available for maintenance and operation of the Website.

B ) The Website shall insure that the Website is self-supporting to the NWTA66 Assembly without receiving anything of value from any source outside the A.A. Service Structure or the A.A. Fellowship

C ) The Website Committee Chairperson shall designate additional members of A.A. to serve as members of a Website committee known as the Webteam:

1 ) The Webteam shall consist of the Website Committee Chairperson, a Website Coordinator and an Alternate Website Coordinator.

2 ) The Webteam shall be responsible for the day-to-day maintenance of the Website including, but not limited to:

i ) Updating meeting and event information in a timely manner.

ii ) Backing up the Website data files on a biweekly basis.

iii ) Monitoring the Website and ensuring its ongoing operation.

3 ) The members of the Webteam shall have equal and full access to the Website, including file transfer privileges.

4 ) The Webteam shall have sole access to make changes to the Website and shall have responsibility to maintain appropriate security for the integrity of the Website and the information it contains.

5 ) The Webteam shall delegate the responsibilities in the administration and technical support of the Website among its members and shall keep the Website Committee informed as to the Webteam’s organization and operation.

6 ) As trusted servants, the members of the Webteam shall be authorized to make changes to the Website, as they deem necessary, within the limitations of these guidelines.

D ) General Service Representatives (GSRs) or District Committee Members (DCMs):

1 ) shall notify the Webteam of changes to group information listed on the meeting schedule in writing, using e-mail or postal mail.

2 ) shall submit group information to the Webteam, in order to add groups to the meeting schedule.

3 ) may request the removal of any or all of group information from the Website at any time.

4 ) shall have the responsibility of verifying the accuracy of group information on the Website. DCMs may designate a person to be responsible for notifying the Webteam of meeting changes and events within their District.

E ) The website may contain a section of information regarding A.A. related events, not sponsored by NWTA66, its Districts, Southwest Region, or A.A. General Service Office. All links, flyers etc. in this A.A. related section must contain an appropriate disclaimer, disclosing our tradition of non?affiliation and non?endorsements.

F ) Should irreconcilable disputes arise within the Webteam, the Website Chairperson shall present these matters before the entire Website Committee for resolution.

G ) The Website Committee shall display the Website at every NWTA66 Area Assembly, assuming accommodations can be made.

H ) The Website Committee shall regularly canvas the general membership of the NWTA66 Assembly to ascertain whether the Website is fulfilling its purpose.

I ) Unilateral actions taken by an individual with respect to the Website, without prior approval of the entire Webteam and/or majority of the Website Committee and/or a majority of the NWTA66 Assembly, may result in the removal of that individual’s technical access to the Website.

VI Ownership & Access (effective 1st Qtr Assembly 2008, March 2008, Lubbock)

A ) The website shall be registered with the INTERNIC as in the name of the Northwest Texas Area Assembly.

B ) The current Chairperson of the Northwest Texas Area Assembly shall be named owner of the domain registration.

C ) The billing contact shall be the current Treasurer of the Northwest Texas Area Assembly.

D ) The technical contact with the internet must necessarily be the website’s ISP.

E ) By holding the INTERNIC account (registration), Chairperson of the Northwest Texas Area Assembly shall have direct control over the technical access to the site.


Ratified in their original form April 2002 by the General Assembly of Northwest Texas Area 66

Amended and approved by the November 2008 Assembly of NWTA66

Many thanks to the Virginia Area Assembly website for the liberal use of their guidelines