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Logged in to edit, content blocks rimmed in red - can be edited, moved etc.  Alternatively: add to main, sidebar or header -> content block then the editor has toolbar for formatting etc.  Across the top of editor links to add image, add file or insert link.

For a link, type the text you want into the editor, highlight it, then click "insert link to page" and select target file.

Enter does new paragraph, shift+enter for new line

Editing dropdown to add subpage.  Murray & I made 'arbitrary' working together. 

On that note, ask again how to get into the file manager to delete unused files.

I made 'purpose' to keep these notes, but first I made 'not so much' - total fail (stick with full width)

Be careful to make only content changes.  System changes can run site-wide and affect other districts or even Area 66 level.

Get an image on the computer I'm using then on area site - Edit block - add image (UL) - upload - nuke it out from there