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District 13
Serving all groups in:
Pecos-Stanton-Including Howard County Group #1-Big Spring and Colorado City
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 Please plan to attend your next District 13 business meeting.

All AA members are welcome to attend.
This is for Midland, Odessa, and all the cities listed above.
Updated March 15, 2017

AA Guidelines for Internet Anonymity - Face Book and social networking

District 13 Guidelines

Hotline 432-580-7868


    Corrections Committee Work           

For helpful information about Corrections work from AA.org please select the Corrections sidebar tab HERE.

District 13 Corrections is actively working to take meetings into the prison system and provide Big Books/AA literature for inmates.

To join the volunteers in bringing a meeting into the prison system begin by filling out the Volunteer Application Form for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice(TDCJ).

You can contact Jesse C. by email for more information on District 13 Corrections activity.

Please encourage your group/members to help buy Big Books and other AA literature for inmates. Please send contributions to:
District 13 Treasurer
3001 West Loop 250 North
Suite C105-Box 336
Midland, Texas 79705



Read the Big Book Online  Or  "Find a Meeting"

Submit your name as an available speaker at local groups.
Please include your First Name, Last Initial, Sobriety Date, Home Group and Phone#
Last update: January 11, 2013

Order literature from Tammy D.



District 13 Officers:

Send an email to Laura R.  DCM

Send an email to Jeaux W.  Alternate DCM

Send an email to Deb F.  Secretary

Send an email to Crystal. Treasurer

Give a friend an A.A. Sobriety Birthday Gift. Historical copies of the Grapevine magazine for the month and year of sobriety are available upon request. Donations accepted.


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District 13
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    Please send District 13 contributions to:
    District Treasurer
    3001 West Loop 250 North
    Suite C105-Box 336
    Midland, Texas 79705
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